I haven’t updated my blog in a while and figured it was time to do so again, but until then here is a little throwback to one of my videos on Fitness Compass‘s Instagram account a while ago!

It’s a simple post but also one I think is important as it can apply to any exercise you are doing: discover what your intention should be instead of just doing the exercise for the sake of it.

Have you been working your butt off in the gym but for not getting the results you should be getting?

The way we do exercises matter just as much (if not more) than the act of doing them. Make sure you are using the right muscles so that your hard work actually pays off!

Here we demonstrate some minor but effective adjustments to the basics that everyone should be able to nail before getting fancy.

Plank : push your weight forward and off of your toes so that you aren’t relying on your legs to do your core’s work! Always have shoulders stacked above the wrists and focus on pulling up through the belly and squeezing the glutes too

Push ups : think of it as a moving plank. Again, keep the shoulders above the wrists and don’t start to push back when you get tired. Another pointer is to keep elbows tight to your sides so you don’t strain the shoulder or elbow joint

Rows : since we use our backs so little in everyday life it’s easy to fall back onto using our arms to do what the lats should be doing. With any back exercises, activate your scapula by focusing on squeezing the shoulder blades inwards first without moving your arms and then finish the movement by guiding through your elbows.

Airborne lunges : when it comes to lunges, it’s important to know which leg you are supposed to be working and then making sure your weight is on that leg and not the assisting one. Try an airborne lunge to get familiar with the mechanics of what that feels like so you can concentrate on doing the same again the next time you do lunges! Just hinge back with one leg behind you and aim to touch that back knee to the ground as lightly as you can before pushing up again.

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A video posted by Fitness Compass🇭🇰🇷🇺 (@fitnesscompass) on Apr 13, 2016 at 12:18am PDT


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